Welcome to the Registration Page of the Drycleaning and Laundry Apprenticeship Incubation Program. 

CleanAce Foundation & Academy in partnership with Utidia Apprenticeship Institute (UAI) calls for registration from Young Africans to join the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Apprenticeship Incubation Program, 2024.

Program Objective:

The goal of the program is to equip young Africans with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish or manage successful drycleaning and laundry businesses by leveraging modern technology and industry education.

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Program Description

Participants: 1000 young Africans passionate about building or managing successful drycleaning and laundry businesses in 2 Parts

Part 1: Within Nigeria (3 Phases)
Part 2: Outside Nigeria (3 Phases)

Phase 1: Customer Service Course for both intrapreneurs(employees) and entrepreneurs at 3 levels.

  • Level 1: Agent
  • Level 2: Stand Alone
  • Level 3: Store/ Multi-Store

Course Highlights:
Effective Communication Skills, Order Taking & Processing Procedures, Upselling & Cross-Selling, Handling Customer Inquiries, Providing Exceptional Service & Feedback Management. 

N100,000 per participant

Stipend during Apprenticeship Attachment:
N50,000 (For 3 Months)

Phase 2: Technical Courses in Drycleaning/ Laundry/ Finishing (pressing/ironing)/ Quality Control and Packaging

  • Drycleaning & Laundry Technology

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Overview of Drycleaning & Laundry, Understanding Fabric Types, Basic Stain Removal, Understanding Garments Care Labels, Operating the Laundry & Drycleaning Machines, Safety & Compliance Regulations

  • Finishing (Pressing/Ironing)

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Foundational Ironing Skills, Introduction to Various Pressing Methods, Basic Garment Inspection, Equipment Familiarization, Understanding Quality Points in Garments, Safety & Maintenance in Finishing

  • Quality Control and Packaging

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Quality Control Protocols, Garment Inspection Techniques, Defect Detection and Control, Garment Packaging Techniques, Understanding Garments Packaging Standards

N100,000 per participant

Stipend during Apprenticeship Attachment:
N50,000 (For 3 Months)

Phase 3: Drycleaning Business Owner/ Entrepreneur (All courses in Customer Service and Technicals plus Business Management Skill Courses)

  • Course Highlights

Crafting Vision, Mission & Value for your Business, Market Research, Customer Service Excellence, Laundry Operations Strategies, Financial Management, Marketing & Promotion, Legal & Regulatory Compliance

N500,000 per participant

Program Impact

Skill Development

The Sales Agent Apprenticeship Program equips young Africans with essential skills in customer service, sales, and marketing tailored for the drycleaning and laundry industry.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

By nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs through hands-on experience and industry knowledge, the program enables participants to establish and grow their own drycleaning and laundry businesses.

Income Generation

Upon completion of the program, graduates have the opportunity to work as employed or independent sales agents, offering drycleaning and laundry services, thereby creating sustainable income streams for themselves.

Addressing Youth Unemployment

Economic Independence: Empowering young individuals with the skills needed to start their own businesses reduces their reliance on traditional employment avenues, contributing to a more self-sufficient and resilient workforce.

Industry Growth: By fostering a new generation of skilled sales agents and entrepreneurs in the drycleaning and laundry sector, the program drives industry expansion, creating job opportunities for others and stimulating economic growth.


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