Code of Practice

  • Articles of extreme value must be declared at drop off. 
  • We shall handle all garments and other items accepted by us for processing with due care and attention, commensurate with that obtainable in the industry. 
  • Where loss or damage inadvertently arises, kindly see Our Claims Policy. 
  • CleanAce will crave the understanding of its customers in situations of FORCE MAJEURE.

Terms and Conditions

  • We run a largely digital operation and the use of paper receipts and invoices are being phased out, so we require customers’ information such as telephone/ mobile numbers and email addresses for regular updates, transaction information etc.
  • EXPRESS SERVICE is available at an EXTRA COST.
  • We respect our customers’ privacy and do not sell any identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party.
  • Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Customers are requested to CHECK and COUNT their items at the point of pick up/delivery. All MISSING items MUST be addressed immediately. CleanAce will only be responsible for such claims whilst they are still within our premises. 
  • All complaints must be made, and items returned within 2 weeks after collection. Tags displaying the order number and the strip outlining the garment’s condition must also be returned. 
  • Any article found after the investigation to have been unsatisfactorily processed due to our own negligence, shall be reprocessed at no cost to the customer. Kindly ensure that the attached tag and hanger ticket is intact for the garment in question. 
  • Items left uncollected after THREE months will be donated to charitable causes.

Owner's Risk

Whilst we offer the utmost care, we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to beads, crystals, sequins, buttons, diamanté, pearls, buckles, metals etc., due to their inherent unsuitability for cleaning. All such items are cleaned at the Owner’s Risk.

Claims Policy

  • In rare cases, customers garments may be damaged in the process of cleaning.
    While no amount of money can replace items which are of value, sentiments or otherwise to the customers, which is highly regrettable, the Company will do its utmost best to either restore the garment to as near as possible its original state (before cleaning) or pay some form of compensation as approved by our insurance cover.
  • Our Insurance caters for losses or damages, but it requires a substantive receipt of purchase of the damaged or lost item to process the claim through the insurance company. As such, we request that you DECLARE ARTICLES OF EXTREME VALUE AT THE POINT OF DROP-OFF.
  • For loss or damage to any item, indemnity will not exceed N100,000.00 per item/unit.

Driver-Customer Pick up

  • At drop off, customers are advised to register or update the details of a delegated authority/ representative, who can be identified to act on their behalf to pick up their garments.
  • Any representative chosen to pick up a registered customer’s garments, must visit with the invoice- soft/hard copy, issued at the drop-off of the said garments.
  • Where the invoice is unavailable, the registered customer must place a call to us via their telephone number that we have or reply to our mail with the e-copy of the invoice, authorizing the representative to pick up on their behalf.
  • Garments will only be released once these conditions are fulfilled.