About Us

We are a foremost Drycleaning and Laundry Company with a history dating as far back as three generations.

CleanAce is Africa’s only ISO 9001:2015 Certified Cleaning Business and is a One-Stop Franchise Company for Total Fabricare, Laundry equipment and supplies.

Our bouquet of services does not only enhance our clients’ physical presentation, but goes further to assist and preserve their entire wardrobe with world class, professional and technical expertise with which we process garments and other well priced materials.

Becoming Africa’s Cleaning Industry Leader.


Our Values

Holding Fast

a habit of integrity

Finding your purpose

the key to fufilment

Countering Obstacles

A passion for leadership

Giving what we know how to do best

The essence of exceptional service

Delivering the ultimate lifestyle experience through cleaning

Our Mission

Our Unique Selling Point

We are a one stop shop that offers a variety of services aimed at giving the customer a pristine look. Our services include Cobbler Services, Tailor Repairs & Alterations, Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning and other Special Services.