Free CleanAce Apprenticeship Program

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Course Available for Study

1 Year Program 

  1. Introduction to Laundry 
  2. Introduction to Drycleaning. 
  3. Professional Garment Finishing.
  4. Quality Control & Garment Inventory Management.

6 Months Program 

  1. Customer Service in Drycleaning. 

Course of Choice

CleanAce Academy offers the best form of education in Drycleaning Technology and practices in Nigeria and across Africa.


To make quality fabric care available to Africa.

Mission & Academy Objectives:

  • To be the re-engineering and re-defining catalyst in the building of a Professional Drycleaning & Laundry Industry in Africa.
  • To Provide World Class Training; Mentorship; Coaching as well as Apprenticeship/ Internship to willing and passionate enthusiast in the Fabricare Industry.
  • To Redefine and empower the society at large to live the ultimate Clean Lifestyle

The Academy offers highly interactive and practical courses, where participants are exposed to professional standard practices, in-service practical classes on Customer Service in Drycleaning, the Fundamentals and Advanced Drycleaning & Laundry, Quality Finishing & Pressing, Garment Inspection & Quality Control, Packaging as well as Garment Inventory Management.

For Enquiries

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call Ayomide: 0811 299 4472