We shall handle all clothes and other items accepted by us for processing with due care and attention, commensurate with that obtainable in the industry.

Our prices shall always be displayed prominently in all our premises.

Should a complaint arise, such complaint shall be investigated promptly. Any article found after the investigation to have been unsatisfactorily processed due to our own negligence, shall be reprocessed at no cost to the customer.

Where loss or damage inadvertently arises, and such is due to our negligence, we shall pay fair compensation commensurate to that obtainable in the industry. This shall be paid only if the purchase price of the article can be substantiated but the compensation shall not exceed TEN TIMES (10) the charge of the service of the items in question.

Such fair compensation shall be in accordance with the Associations’ Fair Claim Guide subject to depreciation of the garment as approved by the Textile Services Association garment (UK) or the relevant bodies in Nigeria.

We shall maintain our shops, vans, premises and other outlets and ensure they are kept in clean and tidy conditions in accordance with acceptable practices.

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