The CleanAce Foundation was established for the purpose of focusing ClenaAce’s efforts in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to help empower young people with skill necessary for success thereby, fostering sustainable development in Nigeria.

  1. Teach and impact our world by empowering all people with the derived skills and knowledge base that have made CleanAce to be the brand it is today from the day it was started by Mr. EniibukunOluwa Adebayo;
  2. Provide relief and direction to our teeming population and also perpetuate the entrepreneurial legacies of Mr. EniibukunOluwa Adebayo by intervening to provide spiritual and entrepreneurial directions in the solving of various problems in the society;
  3. Be aggressively involved in achieving these objectives by serving as charitable think tank to Mr. EniibukunOluwa Adebayo and his companies so as to empower various people and propergate the ideal of self-reliance;
  4. Also specifically provide charitable services to member of the Adebayo family in recognition of his services in creating the CleanAce Brand
  5. Specifically set up dry-cleaning training institutes and deploy on a charitable basis the CleanAce brand to people willing to solve huge unemployment problems in the society and the less privileged so as to achieve the aims of and objectives of the Foundation….
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